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RELATED WORDS muddled , bewildered , perplexed , puzzled , distracted , perturbed , befuddled , dazed , disorganized , baffled , thrown , gone , abashed , addled , disconcerted , discombobulated , stumped , misled , flummoxed , nonplussed. Nearby words sivapithecus , sivas , sivash sea , siwalik hills , siwash , six , six characters in search of an author , six counties , six day war , six feet under , six nations.


Idioms at sixes and sevens , in disorder or confusion. Also called: six o'clock six hours after noon or midnight. Also called: sixer cricket a stroke in which the ball crosses the boundary without bouncing the six runs scored for such a stroke. Related forms Related prefixes: hexa-, sex-.

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Sixes & Sevens

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'At sixes and sevens' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

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At sixes and sevens

Learn More about at sixes and sevens. Share at sixes and sevens Post the Definition of at sixes and sevens to Facebook Share the Definition of at sixes and sevens on Twitter. Thesaurus Entries near at sixes and sevens atrophy atrophying at sea at sixes and sevens at speed attach attached See More Nearby Entries.

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