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I was wondering if anyone had any information on new DLC? The ending of Extinction kinda gave away arks intention of another DLC but they have been awfully quiet about it. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Not word yet. Look through the recent community crunches for current focus.

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There was one about the future of Ark. I doubt we see another dlc unless it an unofficial mod map like crystal isles becoming free DLC.

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Outside of quality of life like kibble and TLC etc I would say we are waiting for the second game which is where ending 9f extinction will pick up. Just my speculation though. Originally posted by bowmanz :. I'm hoping for dlc dont get me wrong.

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Then we can get more of the story sooner. I am huge into the lore of ark and cant wait to see where they take it. Wilson sets them down safely on a lake and they prepare to settle on their new world. The remaining crew on the Ark plan to conduct a survey of the planetary system and beyond until they die.

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Since Earth II lacks many of the resources needed to build an advanced society e. It is revealed that Helen Gray, Wilson Argent, and Jeb Holden fought and killed each other several years after their shuttle landed, forcing the 37 children who went with them to grow up on their own and develop their own society. Zane's quasi-religious idea of the world as a simulated reality persists; however, there is a growing movement of disbelievers.

A third tale, "Earth I", followed in a collection called Universes also published under the title "Landfall" ; it is set approximately 10, years later and brought characters from several of the now colonised worlds together and revealed the fate of the raft—dwelling survivors on the original, flooded Earth. Ark received critical acclaim.

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Writing in the Guardian , Eric Brown gave the novel a very positive review, concluding that "Never has Baxter presented a more thrilling and moving glimpse of a possible future: Ark could well be his masterpiece. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ark First edition.

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